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Advantages of MKVisionŽ

1. Manage your training effectively and achieve better learning outcomes
2. Participants are always in the front row and focus on your topic with MKVision®
3. Simple to operate without prior experience with the push of a button
4. Economical and forward compatible thanks to the latest technology
5. Long operating times without maintenance costs

MKVisionŽ is already used by:

Business Authorities   Universities  
Siemens AG Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology University of Bonn  
Volkswagen AG Federal Police, Walsrode  Munich University of Applied Sciences  
etc.  etc.  etc. 

Operational advantages in teaching

- Simple operation
without previous experience.
All important functions
activated with just one push of a button
- Optimal presentation
of learning material, since screen contents
of all participants can be controlled
and connected as you wish
- Management and auditing
of learning outcomes with access to
monitors and remote control
of mouse and keyboard
- Integration of external media
e.g. videos, cameras, microscopes etc.

Cost effectiveness

- Investment Protection
with long-term guarantees
- Long lifespan
of over 10 years
with future-proof technology
- No operating costs
for maintenance, updates or
administration as with
software-based solutions
- Improved competence
of the participants with more intensive
- Cost savings
since larger groups
can be trained


- Advanced interfaces
compatible with DVI-I, DVI-D,
HDMI and DisplayPort
- Independent of software and operating system
no administration needed
- Simple setup
and cabling with
standard patch cables
- High reliability
due to physical separation from the data network.
Unlike a software solution, the system cannot be hacked or infected by viruses.


Since IT skills are increasingly important for employees as well as students, teachers are responsible for ensuring that appropriate educational content is taught, and that participants are not distracted from learning by other options available on the PC. At the same time, the lecturer is faced with the challenge that trainee groups are getting larger and larger.


With MKVision® digital, the lecturer can manage and structure training. Because the best learning material is optimally presented on the trainee's screen in high resolution and real time, each participant is effectively sitting in the front row and concentrating on the training session. The lecturer maintains an overview of larger groups, since he can see and control individual screens, and if necessary take over the mouse and keyboard. He can provide assistance and quickly identify gaps, which he can address individually.

MKVision® digital is used for a wide variety of digital applications. Apart from training in well known software such as office solutions, CAD programs, SAP, etc., the system is also used for the training with individual software or hardware that might work with two or three monitors. The system can be adapted to your needs. It functions independently of the operating system, even with mixed operating systems and at BIOS level.

Technical advantages at a glance

- Simple operation
No special skills required
Configuration with patch cables
- Customisable
e.g. for two or
three monitors
- Independent of software
No drivers required
Independent of the operating system
- High reliability
Even with a system failure
PCs can still be used
- Optimal image quality
Digital image transmission, without loss
of quality even with long cables
- Long-term guarantees
Sit back and relax with up
to 6 years warranty
- No maintenance costs
The system requires no
consumables or updates
- Image transmission in real time
Even with high-resolution
animations or movies
- Advanced interfaces
Compatible with DVI-I, DVI-D,
HDMI, DisplayPort and USB
- No administrative overhead
Only needs to be set up once,
no problem if you change the operating system
- High resolution
Resolutions up to 1920x1200
- Highest security
Physical separation from
data network, no
vulnerabilities to hackers

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